New for 2020

These are some of the job Pictures and videos of jobs that were done in 2020 Summer season.

Miscellaneous Blasting

Some of the Bigger projects

Bruce’s 65 Mustang

This turned into a longer process than expected. The main reason was the car was painted with Endura (Plastic) Paint which is very hard and resists abrasion. Total time was 6.5 hrs. he tried stripper but that failed badly. ABMDB was able to strip the car bad to bare metal.

Stripping Paint and cleaning wall

This was a neat project as they wanted the lose paint and dirt cleaned off the lower part of the building so they could waterproof it. There was major water seepage in this area due to the age of the building. They wanted everything cleaned below grade and all paint stripped up about 2 ft. Customer was extremely happy with the results !!!

This is what it looked like before I started (North end of building to south end)
This was from the opposite end the first video was taken. (South end of building to North side)

Mark’s FM3 Dart and 69 GTX

We had blasted Mark’s 69 GTX last year but did not do the underneath as requested. Once they started doing the body work and were so happy with the job we had done, they decided to have us clean up the bottom as well. He also wanted us to do the frame rails and rocker panels on his FM3 Dart to see how solid the car was. ABMDB also blasted the two doors and front fenders.

Mark’s FM3 Dart – was rolled over on sand.
This shows us blasting Endura Paint off the door.
Just some blasting to see if frame was good.

Russ 69 Chevy Truck Box and Frame

This was a fun project. The frame came out great and was very solid. The Truck box was another story. It was along box that someone tried to make a short box out of. They cut 8″ out of the front of the box and made a mess welding it together. This box had a lot of body filler on it but Russ and his crew will fix it to like new and make it proper.

Mark’s 75 Kenworth

Fun little Project that I did. Mark’s 75 Kenworth needed the frame cleaned. Asked if I could remove paint from the cab. Tried a small area and paint just flew off. Did what I could without damaging any glass or chrome. He was so impressed he got me to blast the sleeper as well. Only got pictures of the Sleeper but video shows frame and body, before and after.

69 Satellite in St. Albert

This was a 69 Satellite I blasted for a customer in St. Albert. Sorry no before pictures. I also blasted his two doors and everything you see in the video. The inner fenders and wheel wells were covered in the heavy undercoating and there was a lot of rust. Everything was blasted inside and underneath as requested by the customer. I had about a 2′ X 3′ section under the car left to do when St. Alert’s finest Constable showed up and shut us down. He was very good about it as he was a car guy as well.

This was all blasted dry as I was not doing much of the body panels. No chance of warping anything.

67 Camaro Convertible for Khaos Kustoms in Stony Plain

This was a cold one to do (-10C outside) but turned out great. Khaos Kustoms contacted ABMDB to come a blast this 67 Camaro Convertible as another blast company had stood them up two or three times. They wanted this done as they have had the car already for 7 years. ABMDB showed up on time and proceeded to blast the body complete to get into all the nooks and crannies so they could have a great surface to start with. I also blasted the doors as well since I was there.

69 Chevelle SS 396 for Lance’s Auto Body

I did this on Dec. 24th as the Temperature was +8C. Worked out great for the both of us. Lance needed the car done and temperature co-operated so I could do it for him. Note: Before pictures are captures from Video.