This unit is very versatile and can do wide variety of items very quickly.

For more information, Click on the Job Pictures tab to find out more on each area. If you have a problem that needs to be cleaned quickly, give us a call.


Save you a lot of time doing things the old way. Deck sanding can be tedious and time consuming and not being able to get into all the nooks and crannies. This system is quick and effective.







Sanding off paint and trying to get the all the rust is almost impossible in all the tight areas. This system quickly removes paint, body filler and rust.

Parking lots to Graffiti, this system is quick and effective. The media is environmentally friendly and does not harm the pavement or brick. Work almost twice as fast as conventional Soda Blasting with the clouds of dust or the Soda turning to acid after a rain.

         The story of our shop

Our shop had a shack on the front that blocked the the sun from etching the galvanized metal. Therefore the paint did not stick even with special primer.

We Blasted the the area that was peeling and it also etched the metal so that the primer and paint would stick.

After the Blasting the building was Primed and Painted.

This is the Results !!!



  Alberta Mobile Dust Free Blasting will be providing the Edmonton Area a superior Blasting process with a suppressed dust environment. We will come to you to do the job.


Equipment setup for Mobility

150 Gal Water tank, 185 CFM Compressor and DB500 Dustless Blaster

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