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Alberta Mobile DustFree Blasting

Alberta Mobile Dual Blasting

         95% reduced Dust when using Water

Alberta Mobile Dual Blasting has been around the Edmonton area for awhile. We offer a portable service to be able to come to you to clean your surfaces. ABMDB can blast dry or wet depending on the requirement of the job at hand. Whether it is Residential or Commerical, Small or Big, ABMDB can handle the job.

We are changing hands but still have the same great service.

Wet Blasting has the unique option of not warping  thinner type metal as it cools during the blasting process. However the water needs to be dried from the exposed metal quickly even though we use a rust inhibitor in our process. This can be easily accomplished by blowing the area dry.

ABMDB can blast a wide variety of surfaces. Metal, wood, Concrete and pavement. This process is very effective and removes paint or debris quickly. We can also use various sizes of grit depending on the requirement of the job.

These are some of the examples of what can be done. Tried to get as many before and after pictures as possible. 



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Devon, AB T9G 1E7

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